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Motorola BDN6729 Earpiece XT180 Licence Free Two-way Radio
Price: £55.99 Exc VAT
Our Price: £68.00 Exc VAT
BDN6729 XT180 Licence Free Two-way Radio
Two-wire IS FM Earpiece for Motorola GP344 / GP Compact Series / GP900 Convenient, Flexible and Expandable: The Motorola XT180 provides you with all the convenience and benefits of two-way communications without the cost or hassle of obtaining an operating licence. Multiple new handsets can be added to your radio fleet at any time and existing Motorola PMR446 users can also expand their existing radio fleets with XT180 radios to accommodate a growing workforce. The XT180 has been designed to be lightweight, comfortable and simple to use, offering superb audio clarity and clear communications in a wide range of environments. High performance rechargeable batteries ensure that XT180 can operate on long shifts without the need for recharging
Our Price: £19.98 Exc VAT
Our Price: £34.99 Exc VAT
TLKR T40 446 Twin Pack 2 way walkie talkie radios TLKR T50 446 Twin Pack 2 way walkie talkie radios
Twin Pack T40 Walkie Talkie Consumer Radio (Replaces TLKR T4)

The T40 walkie talkie is license free and includes key features such as LCD display, 8 channels, up to 4km range (subject to terrain and conditions) Free Calls & Battery level indicator.

Simple, compact and easy to use by all the family, shopping, on the beach or just playing in the garden, the TLKR T40 is the perfect way of staying in touch when out and about.


Up to 4km range (subject to terrain and conditions)
Free Calls
8 Channels
Belt-Clip and Carrying Loop
LCD display
Keypad lock
Battery level indicator
500mW Transmit
1 Call Tone
Keypad tones
Talk Confirmation Tone / Roger Beep
Twin Pack T50 Walkie Talkie Consumer Radio

Enjoy the great outdoors and stay connected with the tough and stylish TLKR T50. Whether itís a day trip, a holiday hike or a weekend in the wilderness, with the rechargeable TLKR T50 at your side you can keep in touch up to a distance of 6km (depending on terrain).

The TLKR T50 is packed with features and functionality, including 8 channels, LCD display, Room monitor & Auto power off.

8 Channels + 121 Codes
LCD Display with Backlight
Keypad Lock
Battery Level Indicator
Belt Clip
9V Jack
500mW Transmit Power
Auto squelch
Channel monitor
Room monitor
Auto power off
Motorola IMPRES WPLN4188 Multi Charger XT460 Licence Free Two-way Radio
Price: £299.99 Exc VAT
Our Price: £145.00 Exc VAT
WPLN4188 XT460 Licence Free Two-way Radio
Multi Unit Impres Charger for Motorola GP340 / GP344 / GP Professional & Compact Series BUILT TOUGH TO DO BUSINESS BETTER

You need to communicate quickly without missing a beat Ė whether youíre coordinating resources at the construction site, managing maintenance technicians in an office complex or monitoring resources on the manufacturing line.

These fully-featured radios combine outstanding quality with excellent affordability to give your operation the competitive edge. With crisp, clear audio throughout the workplace and exceptional durability, XT460 radio radios deliver great performance even with hard use in high noise and harsh conditions.

The XT460 radio come with the right credentials to give business the competitive edge: exceptional quality, affordability and durability to outlast high noise, tough conditions and hard use.

Operates on license and subscription-free PMR446 frequencies
8 Channels
On/off/volume control knob
16-position channel/code selector knob
Battery Save
USB CPS Interface
Radio Mic Gain
Accessory Mic Gain
Scan and Scan List
Voice scrambling for extra privacy
Time-Out Timer
Compatible with XTNi Audio Accessories

PMLN5191 charger

Price: £24.99 Exc VAT
Single Unit Rapid Charger for Motorola CP040 / CP Commercial Series

PMLN5195 charger
Price: £37.80 Exc VAT


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